Frequently Asked Questions
May 16, 2024

Table of Contents

Benefits and values

Benefits of Juremy

What do you mean by Juremy being a 10x time saver?

It seems a recurring finding that professional translation is heavy in terminology research – experienced translators spend at least 25% of their time on terminology research and digital resource consultation.123

Our stastics compiled for our 2022 EUATC white paper indicate that users typically submit about 50 queries per day through Juremy’s web interface (not counting CAT-tool use). Researching those same queries through EUR-Lex would take over an hour, while on Juremy it takes less than a minute in total, yielding a 10x speedup. Realistically, there is still need to interpret the results in context and to make a decision, but even factoring that, Juremy can save you about an hour per day if you are translating or interpreting relevant documents – and even more if you are a terminologist.

Also, don’t forget to add the joy of working with Juremy!

Do you have that old video from the Juremy beta version, comparing research speed on EUR-Lex?

Sure! You can find it on YouTube .

Pricing, subscription plans and payments

VAT was added to my Paddle-provided bill, but I have an EU VAT number.

If you didn’t add your company details and EU VAT number during the checkout, you can still retroactively add them on the Paddle-provided receipt:

Find the email with subject “Your recepit” from the sender [email protected], click the “View Receipt” button, and click “Add address & VAT Number” to fill in the details. Paddle would issue a VAT refund, and you can arrange your tax yourself according to the EU reverse charge procedure.

My credit card have changed. How can I update my payment information?

You can change your card details by clicking on the “Update payment information” link in the renewal reminder email sent by Paddle (subject: Your Juremy subscription will renew soon).

Alternatively, if Paddle already tried to collect the payment but failed, then you should see a notification banner at the top of the Juremy web application, which should contain the same update link.

Changing subscription plans

I received a Paddle notification of an upcoming payment that doesn’t match the amount indicated in the Juremy Settings page subscription details.

When a plan change is scheduled to happen at the end of the current payment period, Paddle doesn’t know in advance the fact of the change, which we would only administer the day before your next billing date. That is why Paddle is sending the advance next-bill notification with the amount calculated based on the old plan. For the actual amount to be billed, the data displayed in Juremy’s Settings page should be indicative.

Working languages

My plan includes N working languages, but I use N+1.

It is ok to use an extra language or two every now and then, as long as they don’t amount to a significant proportion.

Anyway, don’t worry. If the number of frequently used languages would consistently surpass those supported in your plan, we would get in touch and discuss the options going forward.


How does the professional association discount work?

We provide a standing discount to professional association members. Every year we share a discount code with the respective association, and the association would distribute it to you.

You can input the discount code in the Settings screen, and then it would be reflected in the charges throughout the specific year.

I don’t see my professional association listed.

If you are a member of a professional association, but can’t see it listed on the partners page, then we might not have an ongoing partnership yet.

However, we are always looking for new partnerships, so please connect us with a representative from your association, so we can set up a discount you can benefit from.


Why is the Juremy subscription fee higher than some of the [Generic Software] subscriptions?

[Generic Software] serves broad but less specific needs, while Juremy solves a very specialized problem for people in a specific profession. We believe the real question is not how Juremy’s costs compare to that of other services, rather if the cost is worth it. In our calculations and based on user feedback, for a monthly price of 1-2 pages translated, Juremy can save research time worth of 10-20 pages (and more in some cases), while increasing terminology quality and consistency at the same time.

Are you EU-funded?

No, we are a bootstrapped family business fueled by enthusiasm (and coffee).