Feature highlight - IATE search
February 24, 2021

We are happy to share with you a recently added and long-awaited feature of Juremy - integrated IATE search!

There is no need to perform a further query in the IATE database when looking up a specific EU-related term: Juremy displays the 3 most relevant IATE matches on the top of the results list if there’s any, together with evaluation metadata next to the target language hits.

IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe) is the EU’s terminology database, used for the collection, dissemination and management of EU-specific terminology. The data in IATE is mostly entered by translators and terminologists working in the language services of EU institutions. IATE contains nearly 1 million multi-lingual entries, which are reviewed by terminologists, and contain additional metadata such as evaluation of the term (preferred, deprecated, obsolete, proposed or admitted) or reliability code (1 to 4 stars).

Note: Juremy uses the freely downloadable subset of IATE. This free subset might omit terms which are from non-freely licensable sources.